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Origins of Mother's Day

The custom of honoring mothers goes back at least as far as 17th-century England, which celebrated (and still celebrates) Mothering Sunday.

Mother's Day in the United States originated in 1872 with Julia Ward Howe, a writer, abolitionist, and suffragist who wrote the words to "Battle Hymn of the Republic." In 1911, President Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday. In 2014, Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 11.

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  • Quiz: Mother's Day
    In Greek mythology, who is the Goddess of the Earth and the mother of Cyclopes, the Hundred-handed Ones, and the Titans?
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    54 Across: Superstar mother of The Drowned World Tour 2001
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    18 Across: Bamm-Bamm's mother

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