Geometry: Proving Segments and Angles Are Congruent

Proving Segments and Angles Are Congruent

After you have shown that two triangles are congruent, you can use the fact that CPOCTAC to establish that two line segments (corresponding sides) or two angles (corresponding angles) are congruent.

  • Example 4: If ?R and ?V are right angles, and ?RST ~= ?VST (see Figure 12.11), write a two-column proof to show RT ~= TV.

Figure 12.11?R and ?V are right angles, and ?RST ~= ?VST.

  • Solution: You need a game plan. If you could show that ?RST ~= ?VST, then you could use CPOCTAC to show that RT ~= TV. To show that ?RST ~= ?VST, you simply use the AAS Theorem.
1. ?R and ?V are right angles, and ?RST ~= ?VST Given
2. ?RST ~= ?VSTAAS Theorem
  • Example 5: Suppose that in Figure 12.12, ?CB bisects ?ACD and BC ? AD. Write a two-column proof to show that ?A ~= ?D.

Figure 12.12?CB bisects ?ACD and BC ? AD.

  • Solution: Because BC ? AD, you know that ?ABC ~= ?DBC. Because ?CB bisects ?ACD , you know that ?ACB ~= ?DCB. Finally, ?BC is congruent to itself, and you can use the ASA Postulate to show that ?ABC ~= ?DBC. By CPOCTAC, you can conclude that ?A ~= ?D. Let's write it up.
1.?CB bisects ?ACD and BC ? AD Given
2. ?ABC and ?DBC are right anglesDefinition of ?
3. m?ABC = 90 and m?DBC = 90 Definition of right angle
4. m?ABC = m?DBC Substitution
5. ?ABC ~= ?DBC Definition of
6. ?ACB ~= ?DCB Definition of angle bisector
7. BC ~= BC Reflexive property of ~=
8. ?ABC ~= ?DBC ASA Postulate
9. ?A ~= ?D CPOCTAC

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