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Infoplease Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Information Please to to respect the privacy of our on-line visitors and to ensure that all of our visitors - especially children - can use our site safely.

From time to time, Infoplease runs contests. All entries are the property of Information Please. Information Please editors will determine which entries are used on the website. Your name, city, and state are optional information in the entry form. If you enter your name (pseudonym), city, or state in the form, and if we display your entry, we will include that information. We will not include the email address of any entrant. The email address is only used if we need clarification about your entry. All email addresses from the contest are discarded at the end of the contest.

  • We do not rent or sell any of the information we collect from our users.
  • We will not send unsolicited email messages to you.
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