Words of Two Letters

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  • Ambary, DA
  • And (French, Latin), ET
  • Article (Arabic), AL(French), LA, LE, UN(Spanish), EL, LA, UN
  • At the (French), AU(Spanish), AL
  • Behold, LO
  • Bird: Hawaiian, OO
  • Birthplace: Abraham's, UR
  • Bone, OS
  • Buddha, FO
  • Butterfly: Peacock, IO
  • Champagne, AY
  • Chaos, NU
  • Chief: Burmese, BO
  • Coin: Roman, ASSiamese, AT
  • Concerning, RE
  • Dialect: Chinese, WU
  • Double (Egy. relig.), KA
  • Drama: Japanese, NO
  • Egg (comb. form), OO
  • Esker, OS
  • Eye (Scottish), EE
  • Factor: Amplification, MU
  • Fifty (Greek), NU
  • Fish: Carplike, ID
  • Force, OD
  • Forty (Greek), MU
  • From (French, Latin, Spanish), DE
    (Latin prefix), AB
  • From the (French), DU
  • God: Babylonian, EA, ZU
    Egyptian sun, RA
    Hindu unknown, KA
    Semitic, EL
  • Goddess: Babylonian, AI
    Greek Earth, GE
  • Gold (heraldry), OR
  • Gulf: Arctic, OB
  • Heart (Egy. relig.), AB
  • Indian: South American, GE
  • King: Of Bashan, OG
  • Language: Artificial, RO
    Assamese, AO
  • Lava: Hawaiian, AA
  • Letter: Greek, MU, NU, PI, XI
    Hebrew, HE, PE
  • Lily: Palm, TI
  • Measure: Chinese, HO, HU, KO, LI, MU, PU, TO, TU
    Japanese, GO, JO, MO, RI, SE, TO
    Netherlands, EL
    Portuguese, PE
    Siamese, WA
    Swedish, AM
    Type, EM, EN
    Vietnamese, LY
  • Monk: Buddhist, BO
  • Month: Jewish, AB
  • Mouth, OS
  • Mulberry: Indian, AL
  • Native: Burmese, WA
  • Note: Of scale, DO, FA, MI, LA, RE, TI
  • Of (French, Latin, Spanish), DE
  • Of the (French), DU
  • One (Scottish), AE
  • Pagoda: Chinese, TA
  • Plant: East Indian fiber, DA
  • Ridge: Sandy, AS, OS
  • River: Russian, OB
  • Sloth: Three-toed, AI
  • Soul (Egy. relig.), BA
  • Sound: Hindu mystic, OM
  • Suffix: Comparative, ER
  • To the: French, AU
    Spanish, AL
  • Tree: Buddhist sacred, BO
  • Tribe: Assamese, AO
  • Type: Jumbled, PI
  • Weight: Chinese, LI
    Danish, ES
    Japanese, MO
    Roman, AS
    Vietnamese, TA
  • Whirlwind: Faeroe Is., OE
  • Yes (German), JA
    (Italian, Spanish), SI
    (Russian), DA

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