Homework and Test Help

High School isn't all about getting ready for college. You've got classes, homework, tests and lots more to worry about. Get help with doing research, finding answers, and even preparing for those BIG college entrance tests -- the SAT or ACT.

Test Prep Center

Planning to take the SAT or ACT? Think you know your stuff? A little practice can go a long way. And that's just what we've got -- practice tests and practical hints.

Information Please

Book report due? Test coming up? Research Paper? Here's your one stop research center! Encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, almanacs, hints -- it's all here, even current events and sports. It's like going to a giant info-mall!

How to Find Stuff on the Web

Be careful out there! There are thousands of websites, some great, some not-so-hot. Here are some hints on how to get the best of what's out there.

New York Times Online

A great resource for information from The New York Times, organized so you can find what you need to know fast.

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