Florence Wilkinson: The Fugitives

The Fugitives

Florence Wilkinson

We are they that go, that go, Plunging before the hidden blow. We run the byways of the earth, For we are fugitive from birth, Blindfolded, with wide hands abroad That sow, that sow the sullen sod.
We cannot wait, we cannot stop For flushing field or quickened crop; The orange bow of dusky dawn Glimmers our smoking swath upon; Blindfolded still we hurry on.
How we do know the ways we run That are blindfolded from the sun? We stagger swiftly to the call, Our wide hands feeling for the wall.
Oh, ye who climb to some clear heaven, By grace of day and leisure given, Pity us, fugitive and driven — The lithe whip curling on our track, The headlong haste that looks not back!