Christina Rossetti: Conference Between Christ, the Saints, and the Soul

Conference Between Christ, the Saints, and the Soul


I am pale with sick desire,   For my heart is far away From this world's fitful fire   And this world's waning day; In a dream it overleaps   A world of tedious ills To where the sunshine sleeps   On th' everlasting hills.   Say the Saints—There Angels ease us     Glorified and white.   They say—We rest in Jesus,     Where is not day nor night.
My Soul saith—I have sought   For a home that is not gained, I have spent yet nothing bought,   Have laboured but not attained; My pride strove to rise and grow,   And hath but dwindled down; My love sought love, and lo!   Hath not attained its crown.   Say the Saints—Fresh Souls increase us,     None languish nor recede.   They say—We love our Jesus,     And He loves us indeed.
I cannot rise above,   I cannot rest beneath, I cannot find out Love,   Nor escape from Death; Dear hopes and joys gone by   Still mock me with a name; My best belovèd die   And I cannot die with them.   Say the Saints—No deaths decrease us,     Where our rest is glorious.   They say—We live in Jesus,     Who once dièd for us.
Oh, my Soul, she beats her wings   And pants to fly away Up to immortal Things   In the Heavenly day: Yet she flags and almost faints;   Can such be meant for me? Come and see—say the Saints.   Saith Jesus—Come and see.   Say the Saints—His Pleasures please us     Before God and the Lamb.   Come and taste My Sweets—saith Jesus—     Be with Me where I am.