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Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

There's no getting around it: The more time you put in preparing for college entrance tests the better you'll score. If you've already taken the SAT or ACT, you may still have time to take them again and squeak out a few more points. At the Test Prep Center, you'll find lots of tips to help you study and improve your scores.

SAT/ACT Practice

"Practice makes perfect!" You have heard that lots of times. Amazing, but it's true. The better you do on your SAT or ACT, the wider your choice of colleges may be. It's all true that SAT and ACT scores are not the only ticket to admission to college. Grades, challenging courses, extra-curricular activities and a great application essay all contribute to helping you stand out. But, if you are going to do well on these tests, you need to practice, practice, practice! Both the College Board (SAT) and ACT offer great sample questions on their websites as well as helpful hints and practice software. We recommend you visit these sites: For those of you taking the SAT and SAT II tests, visit:

For those of you taking the ACT test, check out:


Top Ten Test-Day Tips

Know your stuff but bummed out by your test scores? Discover the strategies and hints that can help you work your way through a test (SAT, ACT, AP, or even your English Lit final) with much less stress and anxiety.

ACT Expose

Wondering about the ACT exam? How is it different from the SAT? Do all schools accept it? These quick facts from the ACT will help you thnk about which exam is best for you!

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