Republican National Committee Chairs Since 1944

Learn the names and dates of service for those republicans who serverd as National Committee Chairs. This table lists all chairmen from 1944 to today.

Chairman and (state)-Republican Term
Herbert Brownell Jr. (N.Y.) 1944-1946
Carroll Reece (Tenn.) 1946-1948
Hugh D. Scott Jr. (Pa.) 1948-1949
Guy G. Gabrielson (N.J.) 1949-1952
Arthur E. Summerfield (Mich.) 1952-1953
Wesley Roberts (Kans.) 1953
Leonard W. Hall (N.Y.) 1953-1957
Meade Alcorn (Conn.) 1957-1959
Thruston B. Morton (Ky.) 1959-1961
William E. Miller (N.Y.) 1961-1964
Dean Burch (Ariz.) 1964-1965
Ray C. Bliss (Ohio) 1965-1969
Rogers C. B. Morton (Md.) 1969-1971
Robert Dole (Kans.) 1971-1973
George H. Bush (Tex.) 1973-1974
Mary Louise Smith (Iowa) 1974-1977
William E. Brock III (Tenn.) 1977-1981
Richard Richards (Utah) 1981-1983
Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. (Nev.) 1983-1989
Lee Atwater (S.C.) 1989-1991
Clayton K. Yeutter (Nebr.) 1991-1992
Richard Bond (N.Y.) 1992-1993
Haley Barbour (Miss.) 1993-1997
Jim Nicholson (Colo.) 1997-2001
Jim Gilmore (Va.) 2001-2002
Marc Racicot (Mont.) 2002-2003
Ed Gillespie (D.C.) 2003-2005
Ken Mehlman (Md.) 2005-2007
Mike Duncan (Ky.) 2007-2009
Michael Steele (Md.) 2009-2011
Reince Priebus (Wis.) 2011–

Sources: Republican National Committee: 310 First St., SE, Washington, DC 20003.