Federal Bureau of Investigation Directors

Below is a list of all Federal Bureau of Investigation Directors from 1908 to present.

Stanley Finch1908–1912
Alexander B. Bielaski1912–1919
William E. Allen1919 (Acting)
William J. Flynn1919–1921
William J. Burns1921–1924
J. Edgar Hoover1924–1972
L. Patrick Gray1972–1973 (Acting)
William D. Ruckelshaus1973 (Acting)
Clarence M. Kelley1973–1978
James B. Adams1978 (Acting)
William H. Webster1979–1987
John Otto1987 (Acting)
William S. Sessions1987–1993
Floyd I. Clarke1993 (Acting)
Louis Freeh1993–2001
Thomas J. Pickard2001 (Acting)
Robert S. Mueller2001–2013
James Comey2013–

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