The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part VII

Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

A quite sneaky rat
Scabbers is more than he looks
Criminal disguised

Brittany, 12

He's Harry Potter
Who escaped Lord Voldemort
With only a scar

Samantha, 13

Flying through the sky
In a wicked quiditch match
Dangerous yet fun

Lindsey, 11

Harry's potion class—
Keeping Snape happy is hard
Aaaaahhhhh! Five points taken

Jade, 11

Dumbledore says it
does not do to dwell on dreams
and forget to live.

Misty Johnson

Emotions soar high
Harry zooms on his Nimbus
Yes! he caught the snitch

Libby, 9

Waiting for Hedwig
Is Sirius in danger?
Harry is patient

Naomi, 13

Lived because of love.
Courage will never falter.
The greatest wizard.

Kelly, 15

The broomstick dives down
Harry's hand reaches toward it
The gold snitch is caught

Mary Glen, 11

So loyal is he
But not quite the bravest
Fiery red hair...Ron

Sarah Jane, 13

It walks in the room
the icy air fills them all
black hooded creature

Janna, 13

Quidditch is much fun
Flying high and swooping low
Harry caught the Snitch

Grace, 11

Open the letter
Looks normal enough until. . .
It opens and screams

Sophie, 15

Harry's a rare boy
he defeated the dark lord
famous in his world.

Lubi, 13

Those nasty Dursleys
In their neatly folded lives
A boring facade

Annie, 13

He's new at Quidditch
He's the seeker who's the best
Watch him catch a snitch

Caitlin, 12

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