The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part VII

Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

Emerald green eyes?
lightning-shaped scar, jet black hair?
It's Harry Potter!

Denielle Anne, 12

Why, oh why does Ron
Have a rat instead of
a Wise old owl or cat

Jasmine, 9

A book and a wand,
a robe and a choc'late frog—
Harry is ready.

Jeremy, 11

With a lightning scar
He is a living legend
Harry is his name


Crookshanks is ginger
Crookshanks tries to eat Ron's rat
Ron's rat is evil


Green eyes thin black scar
A young and smart Quidditch star
Brave Harry Potter

Michelle, 10

Harry Potter is,
The greatest wizard of all,
He is my hero.

Sarah, 13

I am a girl who
loves to work and study—I
am Hermione

Jheanell, 12

Three wonderful words
Professor Dumbledore said
Nitwit, blubber, tweet

Kevin, 10

Excitement racing—
the game was about to start—
then I saw her . . . Cho.

Emily, 16

A menace is Peeves
he loves to play with first
timers at Hogwarts

Jasmine, 9

Done at dead of night,
Harry's quill scratches parchment
Homework almost done

Tom, 15

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