The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part IV

Updated February 28, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

In a wild realm where
wizards rule and dragons dwell
lives a conqueror

Grace, 12

Wish I were Harry.
Soaring high up above us.
I wish I were him.

Kate, 11

Untidy black hair
hides his story of life of
his strength and his might.

cjkreader2000, 11

Ron with his own owl
Harry with his firebolt
they're set for summer

Mike, 9

Not born of Muggles
Both parents wizard or witch
Voldemort killed 'em


Harry has the Snitch,
Won the game for Gryffindor,
Fans cheering him on.

Sandra, 10

Lily and James, their
lives taken away too soon
what ever happened

John, 14

Scar is a symbol
Of magic and strange green light
Haunted memories

Daniella, 12

Flying in the air
Harry Potter soars past us
With the Snitch in his hand

Kendra, 9

Uncle Vernon and
Aunt Petunia are very
nasty to Harry.

Francesca-Louise, 13

Flying through the air
all day. Soaring through the clouds
on your new firebolt.

Bobby, 11

hero now hidden
darkness is circling near him
his badge is a scar


There she goes reading
reading, reading, and reading
It's Hermione


Harry Potter flies
Hermione studying
Ron Weasley is lost

Ella the Enchanted, 15

Potter is in red
sees Malfoy planning his schemes
I'll get him, he thinks

Lucky Jason, 8