The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part III

Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

His eyes are green and
filled with excitement, his hair
black, unkempt . . . Harry.

Bailey, 10

Neville Longbottom
His toad has gone missing. He
is easy to scare

Stephen, 12

Bolt scar on his face
Fast as lightning catch the Snitch
Yes! We win Quidditch!

Chrissy, 13

Sitting by pal Ron
Eager for Hogwarts again
Riding Scarlet Train

Kate, 35

Hermione reads
Mind explores ancient magic
Writes tiny, too much

Annie, 13

Great Harry Potter
Enchants and excites readers
and makes them believe


The most charming smile
The brightly colored robes—this
is Magical Me.

Rhiannon, 16

Bounce, bomp, unsteady
Clutching the feathered being
Harry and Buckbeak.

Alison, 13

Lockhart's wand flying away
The disarming charm

Stephen, 12

A world beyond mine
Magic, wizards, Quidditch rule
Harry Potter lives

Lorraine, 18

Harry the wizard
he likes to play tricks at school
he doesn't like school

Haley, 6

A swift muttering
An incantation is cast
Fireworks erupt

Liz, 12

Bott's beans; hazardous?
Every flavor; pepper, salt
Earwax, throw-up—Yuck!


The scar, it holds
so much protection, yet so much
pain at the same time

Mary, 14

Quidditch is a sport
Where you fly on flying brooms.
Catch the Snitch, you win!

Jenn, 12

A world of magic—
Wonderment and mystery,
It will never end!

Ellora, 13

Oh, Harry and Ron
Hermione too, you saved
Black and Buckbeak too

Mary, 7

Harry is the best.
I admire everything
he does in the books

Kate, 11

Soar, fly, zoom in the
night sky Buckbeak soars past stars
above the night sky

Leah, 11

from deep under the
table dragged no time to scream
it was only Ron

Kawaja, 11

eyes dark as blackboard
wish he were mine; he's divine
hero who conquered


no curse will ever
be more unconditional
than their friendship was

Mary, 14

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