The Harry Potter Haiku Archive, Part II

Wizardry poetry from our readers!

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All About Harry Haikus

Hedwig is swooping
through the Great Hall at Hogwarts
it's the morning post

PotterWitch, 13

who would suspect p-
p-poor st-stuttering P-
Professor Quirrel

Kira, 8

His scar reminds him
of his mysterious past
The Dark Lord beware

Jessica, 12

Potter he's our man
he's the Gryffindor best man
with his broom all tan

Jason, 10

Harry as a child
Left on his relatives' steps
Miserable for years

Courtney, 9

Dancing in the air
On a broomstick very high
There doth Harry fly

Lizzy, 15

From both man and beast
Concealing his true nature
He must live a lie.

Blaise, 18

wands, owls, and boggarts
centaurs, unicorns, and friends
a world of magic.


faster than lightning
Harry speeds on his firebolt
he catches the Snitch

Evan, 13

Harry's fast Nimbus
Is the best broom that there is
Always victory

Weasle, 10

He who defeated
the bad Dark Lord has survived
the terrible curse

Louisa, 11

unicorn dead down
a trail of silver-blue blood
evil lurks nearby

Laura, 13

Dudley the fat boy
Draco the Slytherin snob
Harry's nemeses


Hogwarts school heroes
Harry, Ron, Hermione
Defeated Voldemort

Shanley, 8

Professor Sprout was
A squat little witch who wore
A very patched hat.

Rebecca, 11

he handed Harry
a large bar of chocolate
eat the lot or else

Emilie, 10

Christmas was coming
Christmas trees around the room
The lake froze solid.

Camilla, 11

You all know of course
Hogwarts was founded over
A thousand years back

Rachel, 11

Cold damp air rushed past
As he fell down, down and down
With a muffled thump

Fiona, 11

Can't stay long mother.
How come Percy gets new robes?
said one of the twins.

Penny, 10

Quirrell rolled off him
Quirrell could not touch his skin
Without suffering.

Katie, 11

Neville was all drenched
From the cauldron that did fall
Crossly he shouted

Katy, 10

what's going on here
Amy he cried in horror
you've murdered my cat

Tiffany, 11

squiggerly wiggly
jiggery and pokery
hocus pocus wham

Olivia, 11

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