The National Museum of Mathematics Makes Math Fun

Picture from the National Museum of Mathematics

By Sabrina Petrafesa

If you’re tired of visiting museums that don’t amaze--you should try a museum you never thought you’d want to go to in a million years. Located in New York City, the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) will make you forget why you hated math so much in class. At the MoMath you’ll see the practical effects of math in the world. MoMath’s goal is to get people interested in math by providing a dynamic way to learn about it. MoMath is an innovative and creative museum meant to keep you entertained while actually learning.

MoMath EntranceThis museum is incredibly niche, but the specificity of the museum is what makes it so fun. Math is sometimes considered one of the most boring subjects ever taught, but the MoMath makes math actually enjoyable and entertaining. The MoMath is a great museum for kids but it’s accurate to say that this will rekindle any long forgotten interest in math for teenagers and adults as well. The MoMath takes equations and theories and creates light shows with them. They also host evenings where adults can play games and meet new people.

There are many exhibits at MoMath including “Seeing Math” which explores how math is present in everyday life and “Robot Swarm” where you interact with small robots that react to your presence. If you go, check out the bike with square wheels that actually works! The Composite Gallery includes artwork from artists who enhance the use of math through art. Bringing together art and math shows how both subjects are necessary and one is no more important than the other. MoMath also hosts speakers that facilitate open discussions on math and its use in the real world.

If you can't make it to the museum you can check out their YouTube page which includes a series of videos with professional mathematicians explaining why they think math can be beautiful. Math affects a lot of what happens in the world--we can't deny that. The best way to get kids and adults into STEM is to make it fun. Make a trip to this museum to see some truly crazy things that math can do in the world and change the way you think about math forever.

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Images courtesy of the National Museum of Mathematics website.


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