Shallum shălˈəm [key], in the Bible. 1 King of Israel for a month. He killed King Zachariah for the throne and was himself killed by Menahem. 2 King of Judah: see Jehoahaz (2.) 3 In 1 Kings, husband of Huldah. 4 In 1 Chronicles, chief of a family of porters; called Meshullam in Nehemiah. 5 See Meshelemiah. 6 In Nehemiah, ruler of part of Jerusalem. 7 In 1 Chronicles and Ezra, priest; also called Meshullam in 1 Chronicles and Nehemiah. 8 See Shillem. 9 In 1 Chronicles, Simeonite. 10 In 2 Chronicles, Ephraimite. 11, 12 In Ezra, men who had foreign wives. 13 In 1 Chronicles, descendant of Jerahmeel. 14 In 1 Chronicles, eponymous head of a clan of Naphtali. 15 In Jeremiah, uncle of Jeremiah.

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