Jehoash jōˈăsh [key], in the Bible. 1 King of Israel, son and successor of Jehoahaz. He was generally successful in a war with Damascus, and he conquered Amaziah of Judah. He was succeeded by his son Jeroboam II. 2 King of Judah, son of Ahaziah (2.) When his father was murdered and his grandmother Athaliah seized the power and massacred the royal family, Jehoash, a baby, was saved by his aunt and uncle, Jehosheba and Jehoiada (see Jehoiada (1)). He was dominated by his guardians when he became king six years later. He was responsible for religious reforms against Baal worship. After a long reign he was assassinated. 3 Gideon's father. 4 One of Ahab's sons. 5 Judahite. 6 Benjamite. 7 One who joined David at Ziklag. 8 One of David's officers.

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