Rome: Bibliography

Ancient Rome

General histories of ancient Rome are countless. Among the ancient histories, that of Livy is the only comprehensive work. Other great Roman historians were Julius Caesar, Tacitus , Suetonius , Polybius , Dio Cassius , and Josephus . The works of Mommsen and Edward Gibbon are monumental. General works on ancient Rome include those of J. B. Bury, Guglielmo Ferrero , Tenney Frank , and Michael Rostovtzeff .

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Medieval Rome

See Ferdinand Gregorovius, History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages (8 vol. in 13, 1903–12; repr. 1968); Alain de Boüard, Le Régime politique et les institutions de Rome au moyen âge (1920); Peter Llewellyn, Rome in the Dark Ages (1970); Ferdinand Gregorovius, Rome and Medieval Culture (1973).

Renaissance and Modern Rome

See bibliographies at Renaissance and Italy . See also R. Hughes, Rome: A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History (2011);

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