Lippe lĭp´ə [key], former state, N central Germany, between the Teutoburg Forest and the Weser River. It was incorporated in 1947 into the state of North Rhine–Westphalia . Detmold, the former capital, was the chief city. Originally included in the duchy of Saxony, Lippe became (12th cent.) a lordship under Bernhard I (1113–44). In 1529 it was raised to a county from the various divisions of the county after the death (1613) of Simon VI, two counties emerged—Lippe, or Lippe-Detmold, and Schaumburg-Lippe . Lippe became a principality in 1720 and in 1815 joined the German Confederation. It sided with Prussia in the Austro-Prussian War (1866) and joined the German Empire in 1871. In 1918, Lippe joined the Weimar Republic. A local electoral victory (Jan., 1933) of the National Socialists in Lippe helped Adolf Hitler into power.

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