Lorestan or Luristanboth: lo͝orĭstän´ [key], province (1991 pop. 1,501,778), c.11,700 sq mi (30,300 sq km), W Iran. The chief cities are the capital Khorramabad and Borujerd. The region consists mainly of forested and pastured mountain ranges; the highest point is c.13,000 ft (3,962 m). It has large petroleum deposits. Agriculture, however, is the chief industry. Crops include grain, cotton, fruit, vegetables, and oilseed; there are industries in cotton ginning and food processing. The inhabitants are mainly Lurs and Bakhtiari. From Lorestan came (18th cent. BC) the Kassite conquerors of Babylonia. The noted Lorestan or Luristan bronzes, found in the province beginning around 1930, include cups, horse bits, daggers, and shields, ornamented with animal motifs, checkerboards, wavy lines, and crosses. They were probably made in the 8th and 7th cent. BC by local metalworkers for Scythian, Cimmerian, or Median nomads.

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