Raymond, count of Tripoli

Raymond, c.1140–1187, count of Tripoli (1152–87), great-great-grandson of Raymond IV of Toulouse. He played a leading part in the last years of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Captured (1164) by the Muslims, he was released c.1173 and became (1174) regent for King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem. He gave up that post in 1176, but in 1183 was appointed regent for Baldwin V. Leading the baronial faction in the kingdom, Raymond opposed Guy of Lusignan, who became king at the death (1186) of Baldwin, and he even entered into an alliance with Saladin. However, in 1187 he became reconciled with Guy and valiantly led the Christians in the battle of Hattin. Saladin was victorious, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem soon fell entirely into the hands of the Muslims. Raymond died at Tyre soon after the battle.

See M. W. Baldwin, Raymond III of Tripolis and the Fall of Jerusalem (1936).

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