Barrot, Camille Hyacinthe Odilon

Barrot, Camille Hyacinthe Odilon kämēˈyə yäsăNtˈ ōdēlôNˈ bärōˈ [key], 1791–1873, French political leader. An opponent of the Bourbon restoration, he aided the July Revolution (1830), but he was disappointed in the bourgeois monarchy of Louis Philippe. He became a leader of the parliamentary opposition to the July Monarchy and participated in banquets used to spread propaganda against the conservative government. He was a moderate in the February Revolution of 1848, which deposed Louis Philippe and established a republic. During the presidency of Louis Napoleon (later Emperor Napoleon III), he briefly headed (1849) the cabinet but was dismissed when Louis Napoleon replaced his legislative advisers with a personal cabinet. Under the Third Republic he was (1872–73) president of the council of state. Some of his writings were collected as Mémoires posthumes (4 vol., 1875–76).

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