modern art: Other Modes of Modern Art

A more fanciful sort of modern art was created by Jean Arp , Marcel Duchamp , and Kurt Schwitters in the irreverent manifestations of the Dada movement. Dada artists devised ready-mades and collage objects from diverse bits of material. The movement was linked with Freudianism in the 1920s, producing the wild imagery of surrealism and verism , as seen in the paintings of Salvador Dalí , Yves Tanguy , Max Ernst , and Joan Miró . The 1920s also saw the beginning of an art of social protest by exponents of new objectivity , among them George Grosz , Otto Dix , and Max Beckmann . With the rise of fascism and the Great Depression of the 1930s, the protest increased in intensity. The Mexicans Orozco , Rivera , and Siqueiros painted murals in which the human figure was made monumental and heroic (see Mexican art and architecture ).

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