September 2005 Disasters

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  • Sept. 1–3, China: Typhoon Talim caused major flooding and landslides, extensive crop damage, and killed at least 129 people.
  • Sept. 5, Medan, Indonesia: Mandala Airlines, Boeing 737, crashed soon after takeoff, killing 102 on board and 47 on the ground; 13 passengers survived.
  • Sept. 5, Beni Suef, Egypt: at least 32 die and 60 were injured in a theatre fire after an actor knocked over a candle.
  • Sept. 6–7, Japan: powerful typhoon Nabi killed at least 18 people in Japan.
  • Sept. 14–15, S.C. and N.C.: a meandering Hurricane Ophelia never made landfall, but dumped up to 18 in of rain from Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Wilmington, N.C. One person died in Florida.
  • Sept. 20, Fla. Keys: Hurricane Rita dumped heavy rains on the Florida Keys and then headed west towards Texas, gaining strength over the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Sept. 24–25, Gulf Coast, Tex., La.: Rita intensified over the Gulf of Mexico, then made landfall at Sabine Pass, along the Texas-Louisiana border, as a Category 3 hurricane. Over 3 million people evacuated the Houston and Galveston area causing horrendous traffic jams. A bus carrying people from a nursing home, caught fire, killing 23 people. Strong storm surges and heavy winds caused major damage in the Louisiana and Texas coastal areas. Heavy rains also drenched New Orleans, causing the Industrial Canal levee to breach, re-flooding parts the 9th ward of the city. Damages estimated at $8 billion and related deaths at 119.
  • Sept. 20–25, Philippines, China, Thailand, Nepal: powerful typhoon Damrey killed at least 122, primarily from flooding.
  • Sept. 28–Oct.3, Los Angeles, Calif: a wildfire scorched more than 24,000 acres northwest of L.A., destroying 13 buildings and burning more than 40 vehicles.
  • Bali, Indonesia: Three suicide bombers hit Bali restaurants in the resort beach area, killing 22 people.

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