November 2006 Disasters

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
  • Nov. 1–2, southeast Turkey: flash flooding in southeast Turkey killed 32 people.
  • Nov. 7, Saroma, Japan: the deadliest tornado in Japan, where tornadoes are rare, knocked out power, damaged cars, and killed 9 people.
  • Nov. 14–16, La., Ala., Miss., N.C., Md., Penn., N.Y.: wind storms and tornadoes swept through six states killing 12. Dozens others are injured.
  • Nov. 22, Danvers, Ma.: an explosion at a chemical factory leveled 10 houses and damaged a dozen more. The explosion was at night and there were no deaths.
  • Nov. 29, Anderson, Mo.: fire swept through a home for the mentally ill, killing 10.
  • Nov. 30, Padang, Philippines Typhoon Durian with winds of 162 mph caused a massive mudslide form Mount Mayon burying more than 500 people under volcanic ash, boulders, and water.
  • Nov., Seattle, Wash.: rainfall of 15.59 in made it the wettest month on record (115 years of record-keeping).

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