March 2000 Disasters

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
  • March 11, Krasnodon, Ukraine: An underground explosion killed 81 coal miners in this eastern Ukrainian town. Ukraine has the highest coal industry death rate in the world.
  • March 23, nr. Bermuda: A Greek freighter sank in the Atlantic 425 miles northeast of Hamilton, Bermuda. At least six aboard the Leader L were killed.
  • March 24, Chatsworth, South Africa: At least 12 children died in a stampede at a disco. The afternoon celebration ended in chaos when someone threw a tear gas canister into the club. Another 45 people were injured in the rush to evacuate.
  • March 28, Alps, Austria: An avalanche took the lives of at least 11 skiers in the Austrian Alps.

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