April 2005 Disasters

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
  • April, Uige, Angola the deadliest outbreak of Marburg, a hemorrhagic fever similar to the deadly Ebola virus, killed more than 280 people since December. Marburg is spread by bodily fluids and there is no effective treatment.
  • April 9, Dharaji, India: more than 150 Hindu pilgrims, gathered on the banks of the Narmada River, were killed when a dam upstream was opened without warning.
  • April 11, Savar, Bangladesh: the collapse of a nine-story garment factory due to faulty construction killed 73. The owner and director were jailed for negligence.
  • April 15, Paris, France: a fire caused by candles in a Paris hotel, whose rooms were rented as temporary housing, killed 24 people of which 10 were children.
  • April 25, Osaka, Japan: a commuter train derailed and hit an apartment building near Osaka, killing at least 107 and injuring 460. It's the worst Japanese train accident since 1963. The accident was allegedly caused by the driver, who was trying to get the train back on schedule. approaching a curve at excessive speeds.
  • April 27, Plogahawela, Sri Lanka: a commuter train plowed into a passenger bus that was trying to pass the barriers at a crossing in Plogahawela, killing at least 35.

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