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Pronunciation: (wik'it), [key]
— n.
  1. a window or opening, often closed by a grating or the like, as in a door, or forming a place of communication in a ticket office, a teller's cage in a bank, etc.
  2. a hoop or arch.
  3. a turnstile in an entrance.
  4. a small door or gate, esp. one beside, or forming part of, a larger one.
  5. a small gate by which a canal lock is emptied.
  6. a gate by which a flow of water is regulated, as to a waterwheel.
    1. either of the two frameworks, each consisting of three stumps with two bails in grooves across the tops, at which the bowler aims the ball.
    2. the area between the wickets; the playing field.
    3. one batsman's turn at the wicket.
    4. the period during which two players bat together.
    5. a batsman's inning that is not completed or not begun.
  7. to be at or have a disadvantage.
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