Meaning of weber


Pronunciation: (web'ur, vā'bur), [key]
— n. Elect.
  1. the SI unit of magnetic flux and magnetic pole strength, equal to a flux that produces an electromotive force of one volt in a single turn of wire when the flux is uniformly reduced to zero in a period of one second; 10 maxwells. Abbr.: Wb


Pronunciation: (vā'bur or, Ger., vā'bur for 1–3, 5 web'ur for 4), [key]
— n.
  1. 1795–1878, German physiologist.
  2. 1786–1826, German pianist, conductor, and composer.
  3. 1864–1920, German sociologist and political economist.
  4. 1881–1961, U.S. painter, born in Russia.
  5. 1804–91, German physicist (brother of Ernst Heinrich).
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