Meaning of warble


Pronunciation: (wôr'bul), [key]
— v., n. -bled, -bling,
  1. to sing or whistle with trills, quavers, or melodic embellishments: The canary warbled most of the day.
  2. to yodel.
  3. (of electronic equipment) to produce a continuous sound varying regularly in pitch and frequency.
  1. to sing (an aria or other selection) with trills, quavers, or melodious turns.
  2. to express or celebrate in or as if in song; carol.
  1. a warbled song or succession of melodic trills, quavers, etc.
  2. the act of warbling.


Pronunciation: (wôr'bul), [key]
— n. Vet. Pathol.
  1. a small, hard tumor on a horse's back, produced by the galling of the saddle.
  2. a lump in the skin of an animal's back, containing the larva of a warble fly.
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