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Pronunciation: (vu-rī'i-tē), [key]
— n., pl. adj. -ties,
  1. the state of being varied or diversified: to give variety to a diet.
  2. difference; discrepancy.
  3. a number of different types of things, esp. ones in the same general category: a large variety of fruits.
  4. a kind or sort.
  5. a different form, condition, or phase of something: varieties of pastry; a variety of economic reforms.
  6. a category within a species, based on some hereditary difference.
  7. a type of animal or plant produced by artificial selection.
  8. a stamp differing from others of the same issue through an accident other than an error of an artist or printer. Cf.(def. 8), (def. 5).
  9. Also calledentertainment of mixed character, consisting of a number of individual performances or acts, as of singing, dancing, or skits. Cf.(def. 1).
  1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a variety: a variety performer.
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