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Pronunciation: (twing'kul), [key]
— v., n. -kled, -kling,
  1. to shine with a flickering gleam of light, as a star or distant light.
  2. to sparkle in the light: The diamond on her finger twinkled in the firelight.
  3. (of the eyes) to be bright with amusement, pleasure, etc.
  4. to move flutteringly and quickly, as flashes of light; flit.
  5. to wink; blink.
  1. to emit (light) in intermittent gleams or flashes.
  2. to wink (the eyes or eyelids).
  1. a flickering or intermittent brightness or light.
  2. a scintillating brightness in the eyes; sparkle.
  3. the time required for a wink; twinkling.
  4. a wink.
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