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Pronunciation: (twang), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to give out a sharp, vibrating sound, as the string of a musical instrument when plucked.
  2. to produce such a sound by plucking a stringed musical instrument.
  3. to have or produce a sharp, nasal tone, as the human voice.
  1. to cause to make a sharp, vibrating sound, as a string of a musical instrument.
  2. to produce (music) by plucking the strings of a musical instrument.
  3. to pluck the strings of (a musical instrument): to twang a guitar.
  4. to speak with a sharp, nasal tone.
  5. to pull the string of (an archer's bow).
  6. to let fly (an arrow).
  1. the sharp, ringing sound produced by plucking or suddenly releasing a tense string.
  2. a sound resembling this.
  3. an act of plucking or picking: He gave his guitar strings a twang.
  4. a sharp, nasal tone, as of the human voice.
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