Meaning of tumbler


Pronunciation: (tum'blur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person who performs leaps, somersaults, and other bodily feats.
  2. (in a lock) any locking or checking part that, when lifted or released by the action of a key or the like, allows the bolt to move.
  3. a stemless drinking glass having a flat, often thick bottom.
  4. (in a gunlock) a leverlike piece that by the action of a spring forces the hammer forward when released by the trigger.
    1. a part moving a gear into place in a selective transmission.
    2. a single cog or cam on a rotating shaft, transmitting motion to a part with which it engages.
  5. a tumbling box or barrel.
  6. a person who operates a tumbling box or barrel.
  7. one of a breed of dogs resembling a small greyhound, used formerly in hunting rabbits.
  8. Also calledone of a breed of domestic pigeons noted for the habit of tumbling backward in flight.
  9. a toy, usually representing a fat, squatting figure, that is weighted and rounded at the bottom so as to rock when touched.
  10. a tumbrel or tumble cart.
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