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Pronunciation: (trip'ul), [key]
— adj., n., v., -pled, -pling.
  1. threefold; consisting of three parts: a triple knot.
  2. of three kinds; threefold in character or relationship.
  3. three times as great.
  4. tripartite.
  1. an amount, number, etc., three times as great as another.
  2. a group, set, or series of three; something threefold; triad.
  3. Also calleda base hit that enables a batter to reach third base safely.
  4. three strikes in succession.
  5. trifecta.
  1. to make triple.
  2. to cause to come into home plate by a triple: to triple a runner home; to triple a run in.
  1. to become triple.
  2. to make a triple.
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