Meaning of tin


Pronunciation: (tin), [key]
— n., adj., v., tinned, tin•ning.
  1. a low-melting, malleable, ductile metallic element nearly approaching silver in color and luster: used in plating and in making alloys, tinfoil, and soft solders. Symbol: Sn; at. wt.: 118.69; at. no.: 50; sp. gr.: 7.31 at 20°C.
  2. See
  3. any shallow pan, esp. one used in baking.
  4. any pot, box, can, or other container or vessel made of tin or tin plate.
  5. telltale (def. 8).
  6. a hermetically sealed can containing food.
  7. a small quantity of an illicit drug, esp. from two to five grams of cocaine: usually sold in a small plastic bag, a glassine envelope, or often a small tin container.
  8. money.
  1. made or consisting of tin or tin plate.
  2. false; worthless; counterfeit: a set of tin values.
  3. indicating the tenth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary. See table under
    1. to cover or coat with tin.
    2. to coat with soft solder.
  1. to preserve or pack (esp. food) in cans; can.
  2. to cover (windows and doors in an abandoned or unoccupied building or apartment) with sheets of tin to prevent vandalism or occupancy by vagrants, squatters, etc.


Pronunciation: (tin), [key]
— n.
  1. taxpayer identification number.
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