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Pronunciation: (tûr'mu-nāt"), [key]
— v., -nat•ed, -nat•ing.
  1. to bring to an end; put an end to: to terminate a contract.
  2. to occur at or form the conclusion of: The countess's soliloquy terminates the play.
  3. to bound or limit spatially; form or be situated at the extremity of.
  4. to dismiss from a job; fire: to terminate employees during a recession.
  1. to end, conclude, or cease.
  2. (of a train, bus, or other public conveyance) to end a scheduled run at a certain place: This train terminates in New York.
  3. to come to an end (often fol. by at, in, or with).
  4. to issue or result (usually fol. by in).
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