Meaning of temporal


Pronunciation: (tem'pur-ul, tem'prul), [key]
— adj.
  1. of or pertaining to time.
  2. pertaining to or concerned with the present life or this world; worldly: temporal joys.
  3. enduring for a time only; temporary; transitory (opposed to eternal).
  4. a temporal adverb.
    1. of, pertaining to, or expressing time:a temporal adverb.
    2. of or pertaining to the tenses of a verb.
  5. secular, lay, or civil, as opposed to ecclesiastical.


Pronunciation: (tem'pur-ul, tem'prul), [key]
— Anat., Zool. Anat.,Zool.
  1. of, pertaining to, or situated near the temple or a temporal bone.
  1. any of several parts in the temporal region, esp. the temporal bone.
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