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Pronunciation: (swift), [key]
— adj., adv., n. -er, -est,
  1. moving or capable of moving with great speed or velocity; fleet; rapid: a swift ship.
  2. coming, happening, or performed quickly or without delay: a swift decision.
  3. quick or prompt to act or respond: swift to jump to conclusions.
  4. quick to perceive or understand; smart; clever: You can't cheat him, he's too swift.
  1. swiftly.
  1. any of numerous long-winged, swallowlike birds of the family Apodidae, related to the hummingbirds and noted for their rapid flight.
  2. See
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  4. Also calledany of several brown or gray moths, the males of which are usually white, of the family Hepialidae, noted for rapid flight.
  5. an adjustable device upon which a hank of yarn is placed in order to wind off skeins or balls.
  6. the main cylinder on a machine for carding flax.


Pronunciation: (swift), [key]
— n.
  1. 1839–1903, U.S. meat packer.
  2. (“Isaac Bickerstaff&hasp;”), 1667–1745, English satirist and clergyman, born in Ireland.
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