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Pronunciation: (su-pōz'), [key]
— v., -posed, -pos•ing.
  1. to assume (something), as for the sake of argument or as part of a proposition or theory: Suppose the distance to be one mile.
  2. to consider (something) as a possibility suggested or an idea or plan proposed: Suppose we wait until tomorrow.
  3. to believe or assume as true; take for granted: It is supposed that his death was an accident.
  4. to think or hold as an opinion: What do you suppose he will do?
  5. to require logically; imply; presuppose: The evidence supposes his presence near the scene.
  6. (used in the passive) to expect or design; require or permit (fol. by an infinitive verb): The machine is supposed to make noise. I'm not supposed to run fast.
  1. to assume something; presume; think.
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