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Pronunciation: (sub'stun-tiv), [key]
— n. Gram.
  1. a noun.
  2. a pronoun or other word or phrase functioning or inflected like a noun.
  1. a substantive adjective.
    1. pertaining to substantives.
    2. used in a sentence like a noun:a substantive adjective.
    3. expressing existence:“to be” is a substantive verb.
  2. having independent existence; independent.
  3. belonging to the real nature or essential part of a thing; essential.
  4. real or actual.
  5. of considerable amount or quantity.
  6. possessing substance; having practical importance, value, or effect: substantive issues under discussion.
  7. pertaining to the rules of right which courts are called on to apply, as distinguished from rules of procedure (opposed to adjective).
  8. (of dye colors) attaching directly to the material without the aid of a mordant (opposed to adjective).
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