Meaning of steep


Pronunciation: (stēp), [key]
— adj., n. -er, -est,
  1. having an almost vertical slope or pitch, or a relatively high gradient, as a hill, an ascent, stairs, etc.
  2. (of a price or amount) unduly high; exorbitant: Those prices are too steep for me.
  3. extreme or incredible, as a statement or story.
  4. high or lofty.
  1. a steep place; declivity, as of a hill.


Pronunciation: (stēp), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to soak in water or other liquid, as to soften, cleanse, or extract some constituent: to steep tea in boiling-hot water; to steep reeds for basket weaving.
  2. to wet thoroughly in or with a liquid; drench; saturate; imbue.
  3. to immerse in or saturate or imbue with some pervading, absorbing, or stupefying influence or agency: an incident steeped in mystery.
  1. to lie soaking in a liquid.
  1. the act or process of steeping or the state of being steeped.
  2. a liquid in which something is steeped.
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