Meaning of sprig


Pronunciation: (sprig), [key]
— n., v., sprigged, sprig•ging.
  1. a small spray of some plant with its leaves, flowers, etc.
  2. an ornament having the form of such a spray.
  3. a shoot, twig, or small branch.
  4. a scion, offspring, or heir of a family, class, etc.
  5. a youth or young fellow.
  6. See
  7. a headless brad.
    1. a small peg for reinforcing the walls of a mold.
    2. a metal insert, used to chill certain portions of cast metal, that becomes an integral part of the finished casting.
  1. to mark or decorate (fabrics, pottery, etc.) with a design of sprigs.
  2. to fasten with brads.
  3. to propagate a plant, esp. grass, by planting individual stolons.
  4. to reinforce the walls of (a mold) with sprigs.
  5. to remove a sprig or sprigs from (a plant).
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