Meaning of splutter


Pronunciation: (splut'ur), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to talk rapidly and somewhat incoherently, as when confused, excited, or embarrassed: When pushed for an explanation, he always spluttered.
  2. to make a sputtering sound, or emit particles of something explosively, as water dropped onto a hot griddle.
  3. to fly or fall in particles or drops; spatter, as a liquid.
  1. to utter hastily and confusedly or incoherently; sputter: Out of breath, she spluttered a poor excuse for her lateness.
  2. to spatter (a liquid, small particles, etc.).
  3. to bespatter (someone or something).
  1. spluttering utterance or talk; noise or fuss.
  2. a sputtering or spattering, as of liquid.
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