Meaning of spill


Pronunciation: (spil), [key]
— v., n. spilled spilt, spill•ing,
  1. to cause or allow to run or fall from a container, esp. accidentally or wastefully: to spill a bag of marbles; to spill milk.
  2. to shed (blood), as in killing or wounding.
  3. to scatter: to spill papers all over everything.
    1. to let the wind out of (a sail).
    2. to lose (wind) from a sail.
  4. to cause to fall from a horse, vehicle, or the like: His horse spilled him.
  5. to divulge, disclose, or tell: Don't spill the secret.
  6. See(def. 9).
  1. (of a liquid, loose particles, etc.) to run or escape from a container, esp. by accident or in careless handling.
  1. a spilling, as of liquid.
  2. a quantity spilled.
  3. the mark made by something spilled.
  4. a spillway.
  5. Also calledsuperfluous or useless light rays, as from theatrical or photographic lighting units.
  6. an area of a stage illuminated by spill light.
  7. a throw or fall from a horse, vehicle, or the like: She broke her arm in a spill.


Pronunciation: (spil), [key]
— n.
  1. a splinter.
  2. a slender piece of wood or of twisted paper, for lighting candles, lamps, etc.
  3. a peg made of metal.
  4. a small pin for stopping a cask; spile.
  5. forepole.
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