Meaning of sounding


Pronunciation: (soun'ding), [key]
— adj.
  1. emitting or producing a sound or sounds.
  2. resounding or sonorous.
  3. having an imposing sound; high-sounding; pompous.
  1. a verbal contest or confrontation, as among teenage boys or street-gang members, in which the trading of often elaborate insults and invective takes the place of physical violence.


Pronunciation: (soun'ding), [key]
— n.
  1. Often,the act of measuring the depth of an area of water with or as if with a lead and line.
    1. an area of water that can be sounded with an ordinary lead and line, the depth being 100 fathoms (180 m) or less.
    2. the results or measurement obtained by sounding with a lead and line.
  2. any vertical penetration of the atmosphere for scientific measurement, esp. a radiosonde observation.
  3. in waters beyond the 100-fathom (180-m) depth.
  4. in waters less than 100 fathoms (180 m) deep, so that the lead can be used.
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