Meaning of sock


Pronunciation: (sok), [key]
— pl. socks sox.
  1. a short stocking usually reaching to the calf or just above the ankle.
  2. a lightweight shoe worn by ancient Greek and Roman comic actors.
  3. comic writing for the theater; comedy or comic drama. Cf.(def. 4).
  4. a raised vertical area of a club or pad foot.
  5. See(def. 20).


Pronunciation: (sok), [key]
— Slang. Slang.
  1. to strike or hit hard.
  2. to put into savings or reserve.
  3. to close or ground because of adverse weather conditions: The airport was socked in.
  1. a hard blow.
  2. a very successful show, performance, actor, etc.: The show was a sock.
  1. extremely successful: a sock performance.
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