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Pronunciation: (snach), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to make a sudden effort to seize something, as with the hand; grab (usually fol. by at).
  1. to seize by a sudden or hasty grasp: He snatched the old lady's purse and ran.
  2. to take, get, secure, etc., suddenly or hastily.
  3. to rescue or save by prompt action: He snatched the baby from the fire.
  4. to kidnap.
  1. the act or an instance of snatching.
  2. a sudden motion to seize something; grab: He made a snatch as if to stop her.
  3. a bit, scrap, or fragment of something: snatches of conversation.
  4. a brief spell of effort, activity, or any experience: to work in snatches.
  5. a sheave or projecting member serving as a fairlead.
  6. a brief period of time.
  7. an act of kidnapping.
  8. . vulva; vagina.
  9. a lift in which the barbell is brought in a single motion from the floor to an arms-extended position overhead. Cf.
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