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Pronunciation: (snag), [key]
— n., v., snagged, snag•ging.
  1. a tree or part of a tree held fast in the bottom of a river, lake, etc., and forming an impediment or danger to navigation.
  2. a short, projecting stump, as of a branch broken or cut off.
  3. any sharp or rough projection.
  4. a jagged hole, tear, pull, or run in a fabric, as caused by catching on a sharp projection.
  5. any obstacle or impediment.
  6. a stump of a tooth or a projecting tooth; snaggletooth.
  1. to run or catch up on a snag.
  2. to damage by so doing.
  3. to obstruct or impede, as a snag does: He snagged all my efforts.
  4. to grab; seize: to snag the last piece of pie.
  1. to become entangled with some obstacle or hindrance.
  2. to become tangled: This line snags every time I cast.
  3. (of a boat) to strike a snag.
  4. to form a snag.
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